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About Us

GLOTG is guided by five principles: Sustainable development goal, customer happiness is greater than business, invention and creation for a better world, democracy and freedom is the purpose of the enterprise, for a better future of human efforts.

Operations are at the heart of the GLOTG shopping experience. We ship millions of products to hundreds of countries and regions around the world. Our team members have a wide range of technical and professional knowledge, ranging from business analysis to inventory management to engineering. With more than 180 centers around the world, GLOTG operations are growing rapidly, and we need the best people to join us and help us continue to make our history.

Innovation is the driving force behind GLOTG's continued growth. Innovation is in our DNA, and every day we try new ways of working that never existed before -- offering a huge selection and continuing to process orders quickly. We do this by solving complex problems with intelligence and honesty. We are making history and, thankfully, we have only just begun!

We're creating. We're building. We are our own masters -- whether we are developing new technologies internally or building new operations centers externally. We work together to create ideas, services, and products that make life easier for millions of Amazon customers. No matter what position they hold, every GLOTG is dedicated to working hard, enjoying life, and making history.

Click on the country name to learn more about career opportunities in operations in the FOLLOWING countries: US and Canada, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, and Spain.